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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect from my first therapy visit?

Your first visit starts with a conversation about your concerns followed by a thorough assessment.  We encourage family members to participate in the evaluation to help us understand the concerns from different perspectives.  Family members are also encouraged to attend therapy sessions for education and training of home programs.

Will I see a different therapist every time?

NO. At Harmony in Motion we are a small private practice and your sessions will always be with the same therapist each and every time.

Will my therapist have other patients at the same time I am in therapy?

NO. You have the undivided attention of your therapist for the full duration of your treatment sessions.

How do I know what therapy will cost me?

Prior to your first visit, we will contact your insurance company to determine your benefits and eligibility for therapy services.  We will review the information with you so you can understand what out-of-pocket expenses you may have.  And although we check your benefits, we encourage everyone to be familiar with the details of your insurance policy prior to coming to therapy to avoid any financial surprises.

How long will I need to attend therapy?

You and your therapist will develop a treatment plan with a stated frequency of visits per week and an estimated duration of therapy.  Factors related to determining frequency and duration of therapy include severity of the problem, ability to complete a home exercise program, and home support.   We also take into account financial considerations and transportation availability as we want you to reach your goals without feeling overwhelmed or burdened by the therapy process.

Will therapy cause me pain?

Our goal is to facilitate your return to your previous activity level.  Causing pain is counter intuitive to that goal.  You may feel some soreness during and after therapy but putting you in more pain than when you started should never be part of a therapy program.

What should I wear to physical therapy?

Comfortable, loose fitting clothes and supportive shoes are best.  If you are coming for a problem with a specific joint, your therapist will need to be able to access the joint involved so sometimes shorts or a tank top are appropriate as well.

Will I have things I need to do at home?

YES.  You are an active part of your own recovery so a home program is an essential part of rehabilitation.  We will ensure that you thoroughly understand your program and the rationale for the exercises.  Our goal is to make the home program meaningful to you which will provide motivation for consistent completion of your exercises.

I would like to maintain my progress after I graduate from therapy.  Do you have wellness programs available?

YES.  Your therapist will discuss wellness options with you prior to your discharge.  Patients can return for one-to-one or small group exercise programs pertaining to both physical therapy and speech therapy.

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