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Music Therapy


Benefits of Music Therapy

Research supports a positive impact for patients recovering from stroke and for those with chronic illness such as Parkinson’s Disease.
  • Improved physical movement
  • Increase postural control
  • Improved speech and voice
  • Enhanced spontaneous language
  • Decreased depression and anxiety

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About Kate

Kate is enjoying her partnership with Harmony in Motion and working with patients and families to address physical, social, emotional, communication, and cognitive needs through music. Kate draws on her extensive background in social work, music therapy, and yoga to support wellness in playful and engaging classes. She has found that humor and human connection are vital for finding peace, joy, and personal growth no matter the challenges we face. Kate has a gift of listening to and interacting with people so they feel seen and heard. Her music therapy sessions allow participants to experience their own creative expression while having fun and connecting with others.
Welcome Kate Diehl

Class Schedule 2024

Class Virtual/Live Ongoing/Sessions Day/Time Location Price
Music Therapy Live Apr 17 – May 29
(No Class May 8)
195 E. Yellow Breeches Rd., Carlisle $75 for the 6-week session.
Family members or caregivers can attend for $37.50.

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Directions from Carlisle

Take Carlisle Pike (Route 34) towards Mt. Holly. Turn right on Pine Road. Travel on Pine Road for 2.5 miles until you cross the train tracks. Look for the sign that reads Callapatscink (housing development) at the intersection of Pine Road and East Yellow Breeches Road. Turn right onto East Yellow Breeches Road. The music studio is in Kate Diehl’s home, located on the left side of the road with the house number (195) on the mailbox. If you enter the Callapatscink development, you have traveled too far. Parking is available on the right side of the studio. The studio entrance is on the front of the house.
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